Uganda Tree Resources was born out of the Tree Biotechnology Project (TBP), funded by Gatsby Charitable Foundation (GCF) and lead by the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA). The project began in 1997 in Kenya as a collaborative effort to increase tree planting in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. In the past, tree planting in these countries had been scarce leading to high rates of deforestation, an under-developed forestry sector and possible scarcity of forestry by-products. With Mondi Forest's donation of a variety of Hybrid Eucalyptus clones and each of the countries' forestry Research Institutes (KEFRI in Kenya, NaFORRI in Uganda and TAFORRI in Tanzania), the project succeeded in propagating the trees and matching to different bio-climatic areas in each country Continue Reading

Eucalyptus stem

We are committed to create sustainable forests in Uganda. The rate of depletion of natural forests has risen in the past years as a result of the...

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